Part ⅠReading Comprehension (30%)

Directions: There are three passages In this part Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. You should decide on the best choice and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

Passage 1

Questions 1 to 5 are based on the following passage:

People say that money cannot buy happiness. This was true for Howard Hughes. (76) He was one of the richest and most powerful men of his time. He bad everything: good look success, power, and a lot of money. But he didn’t have lave or friendship because he couldn’t buy them. All his life he used his money to control everything and everyone around him. In the end, he lost control of everything, even himself.

Howard Hughes was born in 1905 in Houston, Texas. His father started the Hughes Tool Company. He was a workaholic(工作狂)and made a lot of money. He bought everything he wanted. He even gave money to schools so Howard could get into them. From his father, Howard learned to be a successful but merciless businessman. Hughes’s mother, Allene also had a big influence on his life. Howard was her only child. She protected him and gave him everything. Unfortunately Allene had mental problems. (77)She was afraid of germs and diseases. She was obsessed with Howard's health,and he became obsessed win it too.

Allene died when Howard was 16 years old. Two years later his father died. Hughes inherited the Hughes Tool Company. Then he married Ella Rice. He and Ella moved to Los Angeles, California. It was there that Howard Hughes began to become a legend (传奇人物). Hughes began to invest his money in movies. He became an important producer soon after he moved to California. He worked hard, but he also played hard. He became obsessed with power and control. When he couldn’t get something legally, he gave money politicians and businessmen so they would help him. He owned a lot of businesses, including airplane companies, a movie studio(制片厂), Las Vegas hotels, gold and silver mines, and radio and television stations. Once he bought a television studio so he could watch movies all night He also bought a hotel because he wanted to stay in his favorite room for one weekend.

1.Accordign to the passage ,Howard Hughes was hot _____.

A. good-looking B. wealthy

C. friendly D. powerful

2. Which of the following about Hughes' father is NOT TRUE?

A.He started the Hughes Tool Company.

B.He liked to spend money.

C.He worked hard.

D.He drank alcohol a lot.

3. Howard Hughes' parents died _____.

A. when he was 16 years old

B. before he was 19 years old

C. after he got married

D. after he moved to California

4.The word obsessed in Paragraph 2 probably means .

A. troubled B. reduced C. related D. informed

5.From the passage, we learn what Mr. Hughes lacked in his life was _____.

A. education B. love C. money D. good looks

Passage 2

Questions 6 to 10 are based on the following passage:

Half of the world's coral reefs (珊瑚礁)have died in the last 30 years. Now scientists are racing to ensure that the rest survive. Even if global warning were to right now, scientists predict that more than 90% of corals will die by 2050. If no major steps are taken to address the problem, the reefs may be headed for total extinction(灭绝).

(78) The planet’s health depends on the survival of coral reefs. They described as “the rainforests of the sea", because they provide shelter for a wide variety of sea life. In addition, the reefs serve as barriers that protect coastlines from the full force of powerful storms.

Coral are used in medical research for cures to diseases. They are key to local economies as well, since the reefs attract tourists, the fishing industry, and other businesses, bringing in billions of dolllars.

(79)Corals are particular sensitive to changes in temperature. A rise of just 1 to 2 degrees can force the corals to drive out the algae(水藻). Then the corals turn white in a process called “bleaching”. Corals can recover from short-term bleaching, but long-term bleaching can cause permanent damage. In 1998, when sea surface temperatures were the highest in recorded history, coral reefs around the world suffered the most severe bleaching. It is estimated that even under the best of conditions, many of these coral reefs will need decades to recover.

Although reefs face other threats from pollution, industrial activities, and overfishing, it is global climate change that most concerns scientists. Scientists remain hopeful that it’s not too late to save the reefs, and some are moving ahead on experiments to accomplish that goal.

6. Which of the following is the best title for the passage?

A.Rising Global Temperatures

B.Rainforests Are in Danger

C.Coral Reefs Face Extinction

D.Global Climate Change

7.The word address in Paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to _____.

A.break down

B.stick to

C.go over

D.deal with

8.Why are coral reefs called "the rainforests of the sea"?

A.Because they are home to a wide variety of sea life.

B.Because they can protect our coasts from storms.

C.Because they might supply natural medicines.

D.Because they look like rainforests.

9.The corals turn _____ in the process of “bleaching”.





10.According to the passage, _____ is the biggest threat to coral reefs.



C.industrial activity

D.dimate change

Passage 3

Questions 11 to I5 are based on the following passage:

Over the years, college students have stood together for what they believe in, from civil rights to anti-war policies to the more recent protests against the unequal distribution of wealth. But nowhere in history have students banned(禁止)bottled water. Until now.

The bottled water ban, which Parted on just a few campuses, has now spread nationwide to more than 20 universities. The colleges have cither completely banned the use of plastic bottles altogether, or some have taken a more limited approach with partial bans.

Many people believe that producing and bottled water wastes money and harms the environment. They say that bottled water is unnecessary because public water supplies in the U.S. arc among the best in the world. Water fountains and reusable bottles with easy access(获取)to filling stations are a better choice.

An organization called Ban the Bottle raises awareness about the economic and environmental costs of using plastic bottles. The group claims that eight glasses of water a day costs each person 49 cents annually, while drinking from plastic containers costs $I,400 per year. Plastic bottles contain antimony—a chemical that in low doses causes depression, but in large doses can even lead to death.

The controversy over bottled or tap is not limited to the students and college administrations. The makers of bottled water see the movement as a threat. (80) They argue that plastic bottles make UP a small portion of the nation’s total waste. It's unfair to single out (单独挑出)their product when so many other items are packaged in plastic containers. Plus, water is a healthy choice compared to some sodas and juices that arc also sold at school.,

11.Which of the following is the main idea of the passage?

A.Many universities ban or restrict the sale of bottled water.

B.Many states ban or restrict the sale of bottled water.

C.The bottled water industry is concerned about its decreasing sales.

D.Many people are opposed to the bottled water ban.

12. According to Ban the Bottle, drinking bottled water costs _____ dollars per year.

A. 8 B. 20 C. 49 D. 1400

13. The word controversy in Paragraph 5 is closest in meaning to _____.

A. choice B. control C. argument D. statement

14. What does the bottled water industry use in its own defense?

A.Bottled water is much leaner than tap water.

B.Students should have freedom of choice.

C.The bottles are made in a more environment-friendly way.

D.Water is healthier than some sodas and juices.

15. According to the passage, which of the following statements is TRUE?

A.All the universities have banned the sale of bottled water.

B.Plastic bottles may do harm to peopled health.

C.The purchase of soft drinks will increase.

D.Bottled is cheap and environment-friendly.

Part Ⅱ Vocabulary and Structure (30%)

Directions: In this part there are 30 incomplete sentences. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence. Then blacken the corresponding letter on the Anewer Sheet.

16. They have decided to put the meeting _____ till next Monday.

A. up

B. on

C. off

D. forward

17. If you get into difficulties, don’t hesitate to ask _____ advice.

A. of

B. out

C. after

D. for

18. While we were on holiday, our neighbor took _____ our house.

A. notice of

B. care of

C. after

D. on


20.I was trying to get into the _____ bus when I heard a voice from behind.

A. crowd

B. crowding

C. crowds

D. crowded

21. Honesty is the most important _____ a man should have.

A. effort

B. habit

C. quality

D. question

22. That student _____ his hand every time I asked a question.

A. made up

B. put up

C. rose

D. arose

23. He spoke English so well that I took it for _____ that he was an American.

A. good

B. certain

C. sure

D. granted

24. I am very _____ to you for your help.

A. grateful

B. agreeat

C. capable

D. enjoyable

25. The two girls look

A. same

B. alike

C. like

D. same one

26.The children _____ happily in the classroom when the teacher came in.

A. talk

B. are talking

C. were talking

D. had talked

27. In the road accident the other day three people _____,including the driver.

A. killed

B. were killed

C. are killed

D. have killed

28.Jim’s job is to keep his boss _____ of the latest development of that product in Europe.

A. inform

B. to inform

C. informed

D. informing

29.The young man _____ visited our school this morning is Maria’s brother.

A. who

B. which

C. whose

D. what

30. I’m awfully tired and can’t go any farther, Ted. Let’s have a rest, _____?

A. shall we

B. will you

C. can you

D. may I

31 . _____ the manager will come or not doesn’t matter much.

A. Whether

B. That

C. If

D. What

32. The American and the British _____ a large number of social customs.

A. join

B. take

C. share

D. make

33.Martin, when you go to the meeting tomorrow, _____ your iPad with you.

A. bring

B. take

C. fetch

D. put

34. It is a three-storey house and the kitchen is on the _____ floor.

A. ground

B. earth

C. soil

D. land

35. The kids were especially _____ the coming Christmas because they would get lots of presents from their parents and uncles.

A. coming up with

B. looking forward to

C. making up for

D. getting rid of

36. The used car I bought cost four _____ pounds.

A. thousands

B. thousand of

C. thousands of

D. thousand

37. What’s the matter with you? You _____ so pale.

A. are looking

B. look

C. have looked

D. looked

38. With the guide _____ the way, we set off on foot into the dark night.

A. leading

B. to lead

C. led

D. being led

39. I tore open the box only _____ that some papers were missing.

A. discovering

B. to discover

C. discovered

D. discover

40. Either my parents or my elder brother _____ going to water the garden.

A. are

B. is

C. has

D. have

41. Can you image why _____?

A. did the boy say that

B. the boy said that

C. did the boy say

D. the boy said

42. Although it is raining hard _____

A. Tom still wants to go out

B. and Tom still wants to go out

C. that Tom still wants to go out

D. but Tom still wants to go out

43. I went to _____ Shanghai yesterday. On _____ train I met a famous pop star.

A. the; /

B. /; the

C. the; the

D. /; /

44. _____ of the two brothers are fond of classical music.

A. Both

B. All

C. Each

D. Either

44. _____ of the two brothers are fond of classical music.

A. Both

B. All

C. Each

D. Either

45. There are not _____ students in Class One as in Class Two.

A. so many

B. so much

C. more

D. much more

Part Ⅲ Identification (10%)

Directions: Each of the following sentences has four underlined parts marked A, B, C, D. Identify the one that is not correct. Then blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

46. The puzzle was so difficult that I gave up it in the end.


47. In March when spring is already here, we usually plant many young trees on both side of the streel.


48. You'd better to go home now because it's going to train in no time.


49. After they reached the top of the mountain, they felt extremely hungrily and thirsty.


50. Tom's father, as well as his mother, ask him to stay in New York for a few more days.


51. After living a few weeks with him, I felt sorry for to be so unfriendly to him at first.


52. Robert is a great basketball fan and love Kobe Bryant very much.


53.Hardly I had sat down when I heard someone knock at the door.


54. Nobody believed that his excuse for being late was why his car broke down on his way to work.


55. I wish I finished writing the essay yesterday, but I was too busy.


Part IV Cloze (10%)

Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following passage, and for each blank there are 4 choices marked A, B, C, D at the end of the passage. You should choose ONE answer that best fits into the passage. Then blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Shteet.

When I was young, I spent my summer vacations on my grandparents' farm. The summer that I graduated from college, I __56__ my grandparents once again. When I arrived, I discovered that there was a family __57__ in progress.

Grandpa’s dog and hunting partner, Rusty, had taken on a very bad __58__ in his old age. He had begun __59__ into the chicken coop(鸡笼)and eggs. In the eyes of the local famers, __60__ dogs started stealing eggs, there was no __61__ to cure them. They knew there was only one thing to be done __62__ such a dog—you had to shoot it and the sooner the __63__.

Rusty and Grandpa were old friends. Grandpa certainly didn't __64__ to shoot Rusty, but he knew it needed to be done. The “egg money” was Grandma’s private income, so you can imagine __65__ she felt about the problem. __66__ the inexperienced confidence of youth, I told Grandpa that I thought I could “cure” the egg-stealing dog. I wanted to at least have a __67__ to save Rusty’s life, and save Grandpa from the sadness of __68__ Rusty.

The next morning, I broke open six fresh eggs and put them in Rusty’s bowl __69__ at the door to the chicken coop. Rusty came __70__ and noticed the eggs. He quickly __71__ the eggs and happily walked off for his nap (打盹).The following morning I did __72__ thing. I put the eggs a few feet away from the chicken coop, toward the back door of the farmhouse __73__ Grandma usually fed Rusty. The next day I again moved the bowl closer to the house,and added some dog food to the eggs. Every day I moved the bowl closer to the back door, mixing more dog food and __74__ eggs. By the time the bowl reached the door, it was all dog food and no eggs. Rusty bad again become __75__ to looking for his food at the back door of the house, and never again went into the chicken coop.

56.A. watched B. C. invited D. visited

57.A. peace B. stress C. crisis D. miracle

58.A. habit B. pattern C. custom D. crime

59.A. to throw B. to break C. throwing D. breaking

60.A. once B. before C. while D. although

61.A. desire B. route C. way D. idea

62.A. in B. at C. for D. with

63.A. wider B. better C. happier D. calmer

64.A. care B. start C. want D. feel

65.A. how B. when C. what D. which

66.A. In B. With C. On D. At

67.A. rate B. space C. pity D. chance

68.A. losing B. helping C. worrying D. keeping

69.A. next B. right C. behind D. beside

70.A. before B. after C. along D. from

71.A.saw B. found C. left D. ate

72.A. specific B. same C. kind D. different

73.A. what B. which C. where D. when

74.A. fewer B. more C. little D. few

75.A. accustomed B. relate C. interested D. depressed

Part Ⅴ Translation (20%)

Section A

Directions: In this part there are five sentences which you should translate into Chinese. These sentences are all taken from the 3 passaged you have just read in Reading Comprehension. You can refer back to the passages to identify their meanings in the context.

76. He was one of the richest and most powerful men of his time.

77. She was afraid of germs and diseases.

78. The planet's health depends on the survival of coral reefs.

79. Corals are particularly sensitive to changes in temperature.

80. They argue that plastic bottles make up a small portion of the nation’s total waste.

Section B

Directions: In this part there are five sentences in Chinese. You should translate them into English. Be sure to write clearly.










1.C friendly


2.D He drank alcohol a lot.


3.B before he was 19 years old.


4.A troubled


5.B love


6.C Coral Reefs Face Extinction


7.D deal with

deal with指“解决,处理”,符合上下文意思。

8.A Because they are home to a wide variety of sea life.


9.D white


10.D climate change


11.A Many universities ban or restrict the sale of bottled water.


12.D 1400


13.C argument


14.D Water is healthier than some sodas and juices.


15.B Plastic bottles may do harm to people's health.




put off 推迟。put the meeting off 推迟会议。


ask for advice 讨教,求教。

18.B.care of

take care of 照顾,照看。


attend class 上课。


crowed bus 拥挤的公交车。


crowed bus 拥挤的公交车。


the most important quality 最重要的品质。

22.B.put up

put up one's hand 举手。


take for granted 认为理所当然的。


be grateful to sb 感谢某人。


look same 看起来一样。

26.C.were talking


27.B.were killed

be + 过去分词,表被动。


keep doing sth.一直做某事。


who引导限制性定语从句,修饰the young man。

30.A.shall we

Let's开头的句子,其反义疑问句应该用shall we。


whether...or not...是否,固定句型。


share sth.同享,共通。


bring sth with sb. 某人把某物带来。


ground floor 底层,第一层。

35.B.looking forward to

looking forward to sth. 期盼某物。


基数词+thousand 意思为:几千。固定用法。


look pale 看起来苍白。



39.B.to discover




41.B.the boy said that


42.A.Tom still wants to go out



shanghai前不加冠词,on the train在火车上。固定用法。


Both of 两者都……,固定词组。

45.A.so many

so many +名词复数,很多……,固定词组。


46. 【答案】C (gave up it)

【解析】应为:gave it up

47. 【答案】D (side)


48. 【答案】A (to go)


49. 【答案】C (hungrily)


50. 【答案】B (ask)


51. 【答案】C (to be)


52. 【答案】C (love)


53. 【答案】A (I had)

【解析】应为:had I

54. 【答案】C (why)


55. 【答案】B (finished)

【解析】应为:had finished


56.D visited


57.C crisis


58.A habit


59.D breaking

breaking的形式与后面的eating相对应。break into是固定搭配,表示“破门而入”。

60.A once


61.C way

no way to do sth:无法做某事

62.D with


63.B better

the sooner the better:越早越好。

64.C want

want to do表示“想要做某事”

65.C what


66.B with


67.D chance

have a chance do sth:有机会做某事。

68.A losing


69.B right

right此处是副词,修饰at the door,意思是:就在鸡笼门口。

70.C along

come along:出现。

71.D ate


72.B same


73.C where


74.A fewer


75.A accustomed

become accustomed to 是固定搭配,意思是:开始习惯...。


76. 【答案】他是他所处的时代中最富有、最具影响力的人之一。

【解析】“one of”翻译为“其中之一”;“richest”翻译为“最富有”;“the most powerful”翻译为“最具影响力的”。

77 【答案】她害怕细菌和疾病。

【解析】“be afraid of”翻译为“害怕”。

78 【答案】地球的健康依赖于珊瑚礁的存在。

【解析】“depend on”翻译为“依赖”。


【解析】“be sensitive to”翻译为“对……敏感”。



81.【答案】Don’t give up hope.

【解析】“放弃”翻译为“give up”;“希望”翻译为“hope”。

82. 【答案】I will pick you up at the train station.

【解析】“接”翻译为“pick up”;“火车站”翻译为“train station”。

83. 【答案】I can’t go to the party because I have to prepare for the exam.

【解析】“准备考试”翻译为“prepare for the exam”。

84. 【答案】We went for a walk just now.

【解析】“散步”翻译为“go for a walk”;“刚才”翻译为“just now”(一般过去时)。

85. 【答案】Do you like pop music?

【解析】“流行音乐”翻译为“pop music”。